School Values

Graduate students leave Glenbrae at year 8 with great memories of their time here, ready to move on, strengthened by the bonds of many friendships and a strong sense of community.

Learners will have the opportunity to be creative, critical thinkers who begin to understand the importance of education in their lives. They will be confident, self-motivated learners who have high aspirations for themselves and a focused approach to achieving their goals.

Learners are encouraged to achieve academic success and have opportunities to develop their strengths through an integrated curriculum based on their needs and interests. They will be able to communicate effectively, using a wide range of 21st Century and traditional tools, in a range of situations and settings.

Learners are encouraged to have an awareness of world and environmental issues that affect their future. They will be able to identify and discuss the values and beliefs that guide their actions and those of others. They will be aware their actions can make a difference and will participate in and contribute to family, school, local, national and global communities.

Learners are encouraged to be healthy, active learners who believe in themselves and take responsibility for their own learning, behaviour, health and well being. They will have interpersonal skills that enable them to relate confidently and with empathy towards others, and to work collaboratively to resolve conflicts or problems when they arise. They will have knowledge of and respect for their own cultures, value those from other cultures and celebrate the differences.